Our Team.

ABL’s team has been providing electronic payment solutions for 15 years. ABL’s solutions are been deployed in financial institutions, enterprise merchants and payment processors. We work with multinational technology companies as well as local systems integrators to provide comprehensive pre- and post-implementation support to our clients


Innovation and Security are the hallmarks of our glo suite of solutions


glo.mobile HCE solution allows Card Issuers to issue virtual cards to their customers’ Android phones allowing their customers to make payments at the Point-Of-Sale using Near Field Communication (NFC).


glo.pay is an innovative payment platform that allows NFC Android phones to function as a consumer self-directed e-commerce card acceptance device, and also allows merchants to accept payments from various types of contact-less payment cards.


glo.rewards is used by financial institutions and retailers to reward their customers, based on demographic profiles as well as their spending/usage patterns.


glo.cash is used by large financial institutions to issue multi-purpose stored valued cards for use at toll roads, public transportation and retail payments. It is also used by leading retailers to issue prepaid gift cards and employee benefit cards. glo.cash works with all types of front-end acceptance devices, including payment terminals, Point-of-Sale systems, mobile phones etc.


glo.gateway allows merchants to accept cash-less payment instruments from multiple issuers, and provides comprehensive and customisable reports for merchants.

POS Integration

glo.box provides integration between merchants’ point-of-sales systems and multiple payment terminals, providing for ease of cashier operations and allowing for simplified reconciliation for merchants.
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